Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Our camping trip to Lund, Sep 8-11, 2006


We left after Sean finished his final newscast for the day. Not without incident, may I add. Something went wonky with the fridge and it drained the truck’s battery. Fortunately I had our car at the station, so we boosted the truck and were on the road by 6:50 – in plenty of time to make the 8:20 ferry out of Earl’s Cove.

The sun was starting to set over Davis Bay as we drove north – from this pier, people jump into the water on January 1st for the annual Polar Bear Swim.

By 8:00 pm we were parked in the lot at Earl’s Cove, waiting for the ferry to arrive – not that it was a difficult wait with such beautiful scenery:

We did stretch our legs and wander over to see the sign telling us what we could expect to see at the other end of the crossing:

By 8:40 we were on our way (the ferry was a little late) and unloaded at Saltery Bay at 9:30, heading north towards Lund, about an hour away. Despite driving rain past Powell River, we arrived safely at Sunlund by 10:30 pm and went to bed after dessert and a wee drink.


I was busy with my camera on Saturday morning. Place your mouse pointer over each pic to see the pop-up title or click on it for a larger version:

We headed to the famous Nancy’s Bakery for breakfast, then posed for some pics in the harbour:

By 10:30 we were ready for our trip over the Savary Island. Here I am waiting for the water taxi to take us there:

Savary is a small island, only 7.5 km long by about 2 kms wide. Again, place your mouse pointer on each pic for info:

This old air strip was used for just over 20 years, from the late 70s to the late 90s. Sean remembers flying a kite there with a friend of his when they were staying on the island as kids:

We cycled the island tip to tip, lunching at the northern end, known as Indian Point, from where can see the entry to Desolation Sound:

Sean thought this row of jellyfish was cool:

By 2:45 or so we were back at the government wharf, so we parked our bikes and walked along to the southern tip of the island, Mace Point:

Here you can see just how far we went – in the distance is Indian Point:

The taxi came back over just past 4:00pm – here it is arriving:

Though it had clouded over for a while, it was sunny when we arrived back in Lund:

This old waterwheel now houses an information booth – cool, huh?

As you can see, we had our section of the campground pretty much to ourselves:

And yes, I did find a cat. The Sunlund owners have two – this one is very friendly, so of course, I had to pat it:

We dined at the Lund Hotel, looking out over the water:

The water taxi company has its own cat – here he is snuggling down for the night:

This is one of my fave pics – please DO click on this one to see the larger version:

We had a campfire, of course – mandatory for s’mores:


Sunday was a quieter day for us, spent wandering around Lund. We saw this statue, but couldn’t find out anything about it:

Breakfast was back at Nancy’s Bakery – very yummy food!

This old restaurant is up for sale – anyone interested? *g*:

We hiked in the afternoon after the drizzle stopped, going to see the Lund Community Gazebo:

where Sean couldn’t resist playing on the rope swing *g*:

And, of course, another campfire before heading to bed:


We were at the ferry terminal super early on Monday morning, having left the campground at 5:40am. At least we knew we were guaranteed to make the boat!

Being so early meant we caught the colours of the morning sunrise:

and even saw a rainbow overhead:

By 7:40am, we were underway:

Earl’s Cove in the morning light:

Wood Bay is between Pender Harbour and Sechelt – isn’t it beautiful? I had to take this photo:

And, that’s all, folks. I took more photos than this, but figured your eyes would start crossing if I posted anymore *g*. Hope you enjoyed them!!